KIC Leasing Target Clients

  • Legal entities (JSC, LLP) & individual entrepreneurs,
  • KIC does not provide services to the legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, that have activity in production or trade facility in alcohol and tobacco, gambling, and other which is prohibited in Islam,
  • Companies that are not start-up (should have 2 years track records(*)
  • Companies with good business background and market stance with a good reputation
  • Companies having good financial reports and positive cash generation.

(*) Companies with less than 2 years track records can be assessed on case basis

General conditions for Installment Sales

  • Tenor: from 6 to 18 months;
  • Minimal advance payment by client: 30% of asset value;
  • KIC profit margin: individually;
  • Processing fee: 1% from amount of fiancing;
  • Full coverage of insurance of the asset over the agreement term;
  • Installation of GPS equipment to the assets with monitoring and tracking system, with providing of rights to distance engine stop function to KIC Leasing, before the transferring of the assets to clients;
  • Amount of financing from 50,000 USD to 1,600,000 USD (*)

(*) Upper limit can be increased depending on the project and client’s financial situation