The Executive Committee (ExCom) stands as a strategic force within the Board of Directors, focusing on the development and monitoring of KIC's business strategy, three-year business plan, and annual budgets. ExCom oversees operational and staffing plans, product and service development, pricing, and the overall operational and financial performance of the company. The ExCom actively advises on business strategy alignment with regional and local market developments, supports the identification and execution of new business opportunities, and ensures adherence to risk profiles. With responsibilities ranging from strategy development to HR oversight, the ExCom plays a central role in supervising the implementation of approved plans, optimizing resource allocation, and fostering business continuity. Monthly performance reviews, control of non-performing portfolios, and proactive risk management underscore the committee's commitment to KIC's sustained success and resilience.


The Compliance Control Committee (CCC) is an integral component of the Board of Directors at KIC, tasked with ensuring the company's adherence to laws, regulations, internal policies, and procedures. The committee oversees the implementation of the KIC Compliance Policy, evaluating its effectiveness and providing recommendations for improvement to the BOD. Responsibilities include reviewing the Compliance Risk Assessment Matrix, assessing the sufficiency of the compliance management system, monitoring anti-money laundering processes, and reviewing internal investigations. Additionally, the CCC plays a crucial role in overseeing ethical conduct, anti-corruption measures, and the development of the company's compliance system. The committee's comprehensive approach encompasses various aspects, from monitoring legislative changes to evaluating the performance of key personnel, ensuring KIC operates ethically and in compliance with all applicable standards.


The Internal Audit Committee (IAC) at KIC, a crucial part of the Board of Directors, is dedicated to overseeing the company's accounting and financial reporting processes, ensuring compliance with IFRS, and maintaining the integrity of financial statements. The committee plays a pivotal role in appointing and overseeing internal and independent auditors, reviewing audit scope and findings, and addressing disagreements on accounting policies. Additionally, the IAC evaluates non-audit services provided by auditors, approves annual internal audit plans, and monitors the effectiveness of the company's risk management systems. With a focus on maintaining independence, objectivity, and efficient coordination between internal and external auditors, the IAC contributes significantly to KIC's financial integrity and risk management.