The Management Ijara Committee (MIC) serves as a vital support unit for the General Director of the Company, actively involved in day-to-day management issues within the defined scope of the KIC Charter, Authority Matrix, and internal regulations. The MIC's key duties include implementing the company's strategy, operational plans, and budgets, while monitoring operating and financial performance. The committee is dedicated to risk assessment, resource allocation, and effective management of KIC's activities, emphasizing the implementation of robust risk management, internal control, and compliance systems. Additionally, the MIC holds the responsibility of approving lease and Murabaha proposals in accordance with the company's manuals. While individual responsibilities are defined by the General Director, collective responsibility remains a core principle for the MIC, ensuring cohesive management of the Company's business in alignment with internal regulations and the Authority Matrix.


The Human Resources Committee (HRC) plays a crucial role in supporting the General Director (GD) in managing human resources-related matters within the company. HRC’s responsibilities include overseeing staff planning, talent acquisition, training, development, and motivation, as well as performance management, succession planning, organizational culture, severance and retention, and compensation and benefits. HRC ensures compliance of KIC's human resources policy with Kazakhstan's legislation and internal company regulations. Comprising key members from various departments, the committee, chaired by the GD, holds expertise in human resources issues and makes decisions to enhance the overall effectiveness of HR processes within the organization. The commitment of the HRC is to foster a positive and dynamic work environment for KIC staff.


The Asset Liability Committee (ALCO) serves as a pivotal entity ensuring effective asset and liability management at KIC, aligning with the strategic and financial risks outlined in the Risk Management Policy. Comprising key members such as the General Director, Deputy General Director for Marketing and Sales, Deputy General Director for Operation and Legal, Chief Financial Officer, and Treasurer, the ALCO is dedicated to discussions on macroeconomic parameters, market trends, disbursements, funding needs, risk limits, profitability, cost, liquidity, product pricing, and treasury/resource mobilization. With a strategic focus on proper funds flow planning and maintaining sufficient liquidity levels, the ALCO plays a crucial role in safeguarding KIC's financial stability and facilitating informed business deployment decisions. Non-members may attend specific meetings to address agenda items as determined by the committee, ensuring a comprehensive approach to asset and liability management.