Anuar D. Ushbayev

Anuar D. Ushbayev is Chief Executive and Investment Officer of Tengri Capital Merchant Banking & Asset Management company since April. 2018. He joined the TCMB&AM in August 2016 as a Chief investment officer. He has more than 8 years of experience in banking and investments.

Mr. Ushbayev has prior to that been developing trading strategies and investment solutions, with the use of derivatives and algorithmic trading, during a statistical arbitrage research project with the Systematic Alpha Trading team at Goldman Sachs in London, in connection to his Master’s dissertation. Mr. Ushbayev also has extensive experience in negotiating and structuring financing transactions via his involvement in a Special-Situations-type group also at Societe Generale CIB in London. His focus there has been opportunistic and industry-agnostic credit in highly tailored formats, for sovereign, quasi-sovereign and corporate issuers, mostly in EMEA, whereas he was also responsible for leading the CIS business development effort. He has done extensive work in advising clients on capital structure optimization, restructuring and developed cash-flow and leverage models on transactions within Energy, Oil&Gas, Manufacturing, Logistics, Financial Services, Real Estate and Hospitality sectors. Mr. Ushbayev holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from the University of Warwick and a Master of Science degree in Mathematics and Finance from Imperial College London.

050010 Almaty, Kazakhstan

+ 7 727 228 18 18